The Pool Party Massacre is an upcoming slasher film, with an unknow release date. The film is currently in pre-production.


As the film begins, Reece, Ronny, Robbie, Jenny, Annie, Sandy, Lori and Lyndsey are having a pool party when Ronny and Reece decide to play and prank and pants Robbie. this goes horribly wrong and Robbie attacks them with a knife.

Sometime later, Jenny finds her old pool and decides to throw another party. At the party, however, Robbie reappears dressed in diving gear and begins to stalk the group.

The group then seperates, leaving only Annie and Ronny in the pool. They begin to have sex, with Robbie interrupts, decapitating Ronnie and drowning Annie. Then, Sandy goes to the bathroom, but Robbie is waiting for her and kills her. Jenny and Reece go into her room to have sex, while Lori realises that she needs to pee. she finds the toilet occupied and runs outside to use the pool. However, Robbie creeps up behind her and kills her.

Upstairs, Robbie kills Reece and Jenny while Lyndsey discovers all of the bodies. Robbie tackles her into the pool, but she stabs him to death. As she breathes a sigh of relief, however, Robbie jumps back up and pulls her into the pool.

In-depth SynopsisEdit

Jenny uses her inflatable pool to throw a pool party in her back yard. She invites her friends Annie, Sandy, Lori and Lyndsey, as well as her boyfriend Reece, Annie's boyfriend Ronny and their friend Robbie.

During the party, Robbie goes inside to get drinks at the request of the others. However, this is part of a plan hatched by the gang. They plan to pull a prank on Robbie. When he returns outside, Reece and Ronny sneak up behind him and pull his swimming trunks down in front of the girls, who proceed to laugh and make fun of his small penis, as it has shrunk due to the cold water in the pool. Suddenly, Robbie snaps and grabs a knife, attacking Ronny and trying to stab him. The others manage to tackle him off and knock him into the pool.

An undisclosed amount of time later, Jenny is going through the things she stored in her shed and finds her old swimming pool. Flashing back to happier memories but blotting out the bad ones, Jenny is inspired to throw another pool party.

The same group (with the exception of Robbie) is summoned to Jenny's house on a hot day to enjoy themselves in her swimming pool. Across the street from Jenny's house, Robbie appears, watching the friends arrive. Robbie is ow wearing a pair of flippers, a snorkel and water goggles. 

After spending some time in the pool, Lori and Lyndsey decide to get drinks for the group. Jenny tells them that they are in her garage, so the two head inside to look for some refreshments. Sandy announces that she has to pee and also goes inside. Jenny then decides to take Reece upstairs to her bedroom so they can have sex.

This leaves Annie and Ronny alone in the pool. Annie, feeling horny, pulls her swimsuit off to show Ronny her breasts. Ronny is at first reluctant to have sex in Jenny's pool, but Annie finds the concept arousing and pulls his trunks off, leaving him without much of a choice. Annie climbs on top of him and they begin to have sex. However, Robbie, having gotten into the house, sneaks up behind them. Annie notices him and tries to cover her breasts while startling Ronny. Robbie grabs Ronny and slits his throat with a knife. Annie tries to escape, but Robbie drags her down into the pool and drowns her.

Upstairs, Sandy goes into the bathroom and sits down on the toilet. She idly fiddles with the toilet role while peeing. As she pees, Robbie suddenly sits up in the bath tub, revealing that he had been hiding and waiting for her. He leaps out and grabs her before she can scream, killing her offscreen.

Jenny and Reece go into Jenny's bedroom and place a towel on the floor. Reece lies down while Jenny closes the blinds. She then pulls his trunks off, only to be disappointed when she sees that his penis has shrunk from the cold water. Jenny then removes her bikini, standing fully nude in front of Reece. She raises an eyebrow in reaction to his sudden erection.

Meanwhile, Lori begins to become desperate as she badly needs to pee. Lyndsey tells her that she'll find the drinks on her own and Lori runs upstairs. However, the bahtroom is still locked thanks to Sandy, who unbeknownst to Lori, is lying dead in the bath tub. Panicking, she runs back outside and finds the pool empty. Out of options, she runs over to it and pulls her swimsuit back, allowing her to pee into the pool. Unfortuanetly for her, she has difficulty directing the stream and she gets some pee on her leg. As she struggles to maintain control, she doesn't notice Robbie walking up behind her until it is too late.

Back upstairs, Reece and Jenny are engaged in intercourse. Jenny's thoughts are amplified for the audience; she begins to feel a slight bit of pleasure, and hopes that Reece can keep it up. She is of course disappointed when he then informs her that he is about to orgasm. Jenny gets off of him and masturbates him to the point of climax, showing digust when he ejeculates all over her hand.

Upset with him for failing to pleasure her and prematurely ejaculating, Jenny kicks Reece out of her room while he approaches the bathroom, needing to relieve himself after sex. Just as he reaches the bathroom, Robbie bursts out of the adjacent bedroom and drags him inside.

Jenny declares that she doesn't need Reece to get off, so she opens her laptop and starts watching porn. She turns the sound up and lies on her back, then begins to masturbate hersef. She is disturbed by a noise at the door. She assumes it's Reece and berates him before returning to her self pleasure. A second noise interrupts her again. Becoming fed up, Jenny thinks that it's Ronny, who is trying to see her breasts. She flings the door open with the intention of showing him, only to find Robbie standing there. He advances towards her as she backs into her room, apologizing profusely for the prank that was played on him. Regaining her confidence somewhat, Jenny asks Robbie if he'd like to sleep with her. He appears to reach out to touch her bare breast, when he suddenly grabs her by the throat.

In the garage, Lyndsey finally finds the drinks. She comes outside to the pool and finds the bodies of Annie, Ronny and Lori dumped in it. Robbie attacks her and they fall into the pool. During the struggle, she manages to grab his knife and stab him with it. Relieved, she climbs out of the pool, when Robbie suddenly bursts back out and lunges for her.

Script ExcerptsEdit

[Annie and Ronny are alone in the pool. Annie straddles up to Ronny]

Annie: Oh, look. Just the two of us, here, all alone. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Ronny: (Confused) Wonder what?

[Annie begins to slip her swimsuit off, showing Ronny her breasts]

Annie: Wonder how much we can get away with.

[Annie sticks her hand under the water]

Ronny: We're going to screw in Jenny's back yard? Like, in her swimming pool?

[Ronny's face turns to a look of surprise, indicating that Annie is touching his crotch under the water]

Annie: Yeah, exciting, isn't it?

[Annie takes her hand back out of the water to reveal she is holding Ronny's swim trunks]

Ronny: Just so you know, and I'm sure you've noticed, the water's a little cold...

Annie: It's OK, nothing I'm not used to. Besides, I like a challenge.

[Annie clambers on top of Ronny and begins to grind against. She takes his hand and puts on her bare breast. Cut to POV shot of someone walking up behind them. Cut to close-up of Annie's face, her eyes closed, moaning in pleasure. She opens her eyes and screams, trying to cover her breasts]

Ronny: What the fuck?

[Ronny looks up to see Robbie standing over him dressed in diving gear. Robbie grabs Ronny by the hair and pulls her head back, allowing him to cut his throat. Annie continues to scream and tries to get away. Robbie grabs her and pulls her down into the pool with him, where he holds her down until she drowns]

. . .

[Cut to shot of Sandy running up the stairs. She runs into the bathroom and shuts the door behind her. Cut to low shot, showing only Sandy's legs as she pulls her bikini bottoms down to her ankles and sits on the toilet. Cut to wide shot of Sandy sitting boardedly on the toilet, lazily spinning the toilet roll. Cut to shot over Sandy's back as Robbie sits up in the bathtub and makes a start for Sandy. Cut to POV shot from Robbie as he advances towards Sandy]

. . .

[Cut to Jenny and Reece going into Jenny's room. Jenny spreads a towel across the floor and Reece lies down on it. Jenny closes the blinds which might allow anyone to see into her room. She walks back over to Reece and grabs him by his trunks]

Reece: Hey, eh, Jenny, did you notice that the pool water was kinda cold?

[Close up shot of Jenny's face looking disappointed as she pulls Reece's trunks down]

Jenny: (Sighs) Alright, I'll try to get some pleasure out of this. No doubt you will.

[Jenny removes her bikini top, revealing her breasts. Cut to shot of Reece lying on the floor, with Jenny in front of him, concealing his genitals. Jenny slides her bikini bottoms off, showing her butt to the camera. Cut to close up of Jenny's face, raising her eyebrow]

Jenny: So, I take it you like my body?

. . .

[Cut to garage, where Lyndsey and Lori are still searching for drinks. Lori is holding her crotch tightly]

Lyndsey: Look, Lori, if you need to pee so bad, just go! I don't mind.

Lori: (Sheepishly) Thanks!

[Lori runs quickly out of the garage. Cut to her arriving at the top of the stairs. She knocks on the bathroom door, but gets no response. She tries to open it, but it is locked]

Lori: Sandy, I'm gonna kill you!

[Lori turns and runs back downstairs. Cut to inside of the bathroom, where Sandy's body is lying in the bathtub. Cut to Lori running back otuside. There is nobody in the pool. She looks around to see if anyone is watching, but they aren't]

Lori: If you gotta go...

[Lori stands at the edge of the pool. Close up of her face as she does something below the shot with her hand. Cut to close up of the back of her legs. A stream of pee comes out of her concealed crotch and into the pool. Cut to wide shot of Lori peeing while she sighs with relief. Cut to shot of her face as she tries to concentrate and direct the stream as she gets some on her leg]

Lori: Fuck!

[Robbie comes into view behind Lori. He approaches her from behind and covers her mouth. Cut to her legs being lifted out of the pool and into the air while her pee sprays everywhere. Eventually the flow stops and Lori's legs go limp and she stops struggling]

. . .

[Cut to wide shot of Jenny riding on top of Reece while they both moan softly. Cut to close up of Jenny's face feigning pleasure. Cut to close up of Reece's face straining to not prematurely ejaculate]

Reece: Fuck yeah...

[Cut to close up of Reece fondling Jenny's breasts. Cut to close up of Jenny's disgusted face. Cut back to Reece fondling her breasts and moving his hands away. Cut to him fondling her butt instead. Cut to Jenny starting to show enjoyment. We now here Jenny's thoughts]

Jenny: (In her head) Yeah, c'mon, fuck yeah. Now I'm starting to feel something. Now he's actually starting to please me. If he keeps this up, he might actually be able to make me come...Just keep going...C'mon...

Reece: Oh god, I'm gonna come!

Jenny: (Rolls eyes, still speaking in head): Knew I shouldn't of gotten excited.

[Cut to wide shot of Jenny riding on top of Reece. Cut to low shot, from Reece's POV, of Jenny on top of him. Cut to her view of him under her. Reece's face strains again]

Reece: I'm coming!

[Cut to close up Jenny as she climbs off of him. Cut to close up of her lying down next to him, her arm visibly outstretched and rubbing something. Seconds later, Reece makes a whimpering sound and Jenny looks disgusted]

. . .

[Cut to shot of Jenny's bedroom door]

Reece: I gotta pee...

[Jenny opens the door and shoves Reece out. Reece looks confused, shrugs, and walks down the hall. He stops outside the bathroom and is about to knock when Robbie jumps out of the room adjacent to him and pulls him inside. Cut to inside of Jenny's room]

Jenny: Fine then! Fuck him! I've pleasured myself for years. I always get off by myself. I don't need him. I'll do it myself!

[Jenny opens the laptop sitting on her bed and opens it. She quickly logs onto a porn site and begins to watch porn. Cut to close up shot of Jenny lying on her back, her breasts exposed. She turns up the sound on the porn (which is visible) and puts one hand in her hair whiel the other other one stretches out of shot. Off camera, Jenny begins to masurbate herself. Suddenly, there is a noise at the door. Jenny opens her eyes and turns the sound on the porn down. Cut to shot from her behind her as she sits up]

Jenny: Reece? Reece, is that you? You gonna fuck me and then fuck me over again? (No response)

[Jenny lies back down, turns the sound bac up, and resumes masturbating. There is another noise at the door. She lowers the sound and sits up again]

Jenny: Ronny? That you Ronny? What, are you trying to see my tits again? 

[Now angry, Jenny stands up and walks towards the door]

Jenny: Well then, here you go!

[Cut to shot of the bedroom door. Jenny flings it open to show Ronny her breasts. She reacts with horror when she sees who it is. She begins to back away, slowly, backing into her room. Robbie advances into the shot]

Jenny: Robbie! Oh my god! I'm so, so sorry for what the guys did to you, and, and me for laughing at you! I'm Robbie, c'mon, we're still friends, right? (Suddenly confident) Look, Robbie. I know you always liked me. You always had a crush on me. And now I'm standing here in front of you naked. I bet you'd like to fuck me, wouldn't you, Robbie?

[Robbie extends his hand and reaches for her breast. He stops before he touches it, and suddenly grabs her by the throat. She grabs his arm and tries to get free but can't]

. . .

[Cut back to Lyndsey in the garage. She picks up a can of Coke]

Lyndsey: Finally!

[Cut to Lyndsey coming out of the house holding a can. She approaches the pool]

Lyndsey: Hey, guys! I found the drinks! 

[Lyndsey arrives at the pool and finds the bodies of Annie, Ronny and Lori]

Lyndsey: (Screams) Oh my god!

[Suddenly, Robbie tackles her from behind and they fall into the pool. They both struggle until Lyndsey grabs Robbie's knife and stabs him with it. She climbs out of the pool, relieved, when suddenly, Robbie jumps out of the pool. The final frames of the film are slow motion as he pulls into the pool, where he presumably kills her]


Ronny - Throat slit

Annie - Drowned

Sandy - Killed offscreen

Lori - Strangled

Reece - Killed offscreen

Jenny - Choked

Lyndsey - Drowned

Sex and NudityEdit

Annie and Lori are seen wearing swimsuits. Jenny, Lyndsey and Sandy are seen wearing biknis.

Annie pulls her swimsuit down to have sex with Ronny. Her breasts are exposed and she is seen grinding on top of him while they both moan.

The side of Sandy's bare butt is seen when she sits on the toilet. 

Jenny takes her bikini top off and exposes her breasts before pulling her bikini bottoms off and revealing her butt. She is then seen having sex with Reece and grinding on top of him while they both moan. During the scene he is shown touching her butt and breasts. When they are done she climbs off of him and it is heavily implied that she rubs his penis to make him ejaculate.

Sandy's body is seen lying face down with her bikini bottoms still pulled down and her butt visible.

Lori is shown from behind peeing in the pool.

Jenny lies on her back and masturbates with her breasts visible. She watches hardcore porn, which is visible on the laptop screen, and the sound is very loud. When she stands up to answer the door, her butt is visisble again. Her breasts remain visible throughout her death scene.

Much reference to sex throughout the film.


The script was adapted into a story which is referred to as a "novelization."


"Oh, look. Just the two of us here, all alone. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?" Annie remarked, straddling up to Ronny. "Wonder What?" Ronny asked, confused. Annie reached for the left shoulder strap of her swimsuit and slid it off of her shoulder, pulling her bright red swimsuit down to allow her moist left breast to pop out. "Wonder how much we can get away with," she replied, reaching for the other strap. Annie pulled her swimsuit right down to show Ronny her large chest. Then, she plunged her hand into the water. "We're going to screw in Jenny's back yard? Like, in her swimming pool?" Ronny was astonished. With her hand below the water, Annie felt around until she found herself rubbing against Ronny's penis, which was growing harder each second. "Yeah, exciting, isn't it?" Annie smirked as she got a grip on Ronny's trunks and whisked them off of his legs. She triumphantly held them in front of his face. "Just so you know, and I'm sure you've noticed, the water is a little cold..." Ronny remarked uncomfortably, regarding the effect the cold water had taken on his member. "It's OK, nothing I'm not used to. Besides, I like a challenge," Annie retorted. Ronny winced at the jab at the size of his manhood. Annie reached beneath the surface once again and pulled her swimsuit aside from her crotch. She felt the excitement building as she did. Annie straddled up against Ronny and then clambered awkwardly to get up onto him. Her hand still under the water, she guided him to her gate. She let out a sigh as she slipped him in. Ronny brought his hand around Annie's back and pulled him closer to him, both of their soaking bodies grinding gently against one another. Annie closed her eyes as she rose and fell. She loved the feeling of Ronny's slippery wet body thrusting beneath her. She felt in control. Suddenly, a unexpected chill went up her spine and she could feel the presence of another. Opening her eyes, Annie screamed as her view path met Robbie, standing next to the pool, silently watching them. Ronny, his eyes also closed, was startled back into reality. Annie flung herself backwards into the pool, splashing about and creatig more confusion. Ronny felt his penis slip out of her and he wondered what the hell was going on."What the fuck?"Ronny looked up to see Robbie standing over him, starig intently down at him. Robbie grabbed Ronny by his hair and yanked his head back. Suddely, Ronny's assailant produced a knife and drew it across Ronny's throat. Blood spurted out while Ronny thrashed wildly about, his life flashing before his eyes in his final moments. Annie screamed again. She had previously used her hands to cover her breasts, but now she knew that decency didn't matter. She tured to try and run, but instantly slipped and splashed back into the water. Before she knew it, Robbie was upon her. He grabbed hold of her hair ad placed his remaining hand on her chest, then pushed all of his weight down, forcing Annie to go under. She kicked and she tried to scream, but the only sound she produced was a vile gurgle. She began to choke and gag as the water flooded into her throat and filled her lungs. Soon her resistace stopped and she lay limp beneath Robbie's hulking mass. He silently released her and stood up straight, starig down at her lifeless corpse as it bobbed up and down in the water.

Sandy nearly tripped as she bouded upstairs. She didn't even need to go that badly; but she was compelled to run. She leapt over the final step and her feet met the landing floor with a light thud. She pushed the bathroom door out of her way, and almost slammed it as she shut it behind her, rememberig just in time to lock the door. Knowing Ronny, he would try and "accidentally" walk in on her, which was just an excuse for him to get a look at her with her pants down. Sandy was relieved when she saw that the lid was left up and the seat down; no additional and unecessary hassle. Sandy pulled her bikini bottoms down to her ankles and plopped down on the toilet seat, wriggling slightly to get more comfortable. She let out a sigh as she finally started to pee; it felt so good. Sandy glanced around glanced around the bathroom and sighed again. She noticed the toilet roll sitting adjacent to her and idly spun it around, absent mindedly tapping her foot as she waited to finish peeing. Suddenly, a large figure sat up in the bath tub. The moment was so shocking, that Sandy didn't even recognize Robbie. Before she even had the chance to scream, he leapt out of the bath tub and grabbed hold of her.

Reece threw a towel down on the floor of Jenny's bedroom and lay down on it, getting himself comfortable. Jenny walked over to her window and shut the blinds. She didn't want the nieghbours looking it at them together. She walked back over to Reece and knelt down in front of him. She reached forward, slipped her fingers under the top of his shorts, and began to tug at them. "Hey, eh, Jenny, did you notice that the pool water was kind of cold?" Reece asked sheepishly. Jenny pulled his trunks right down so that his shame was plainly visible. Her face conveyed her feelings of disappointed as she saw how shrivelled his penis had become as a result of the pool water. "Alright, I'll try to get some pleasure out of this. No doubt you will," she sighed. Jenny reached behind her back and unhooked her bikini top, letting it fall off into her arms. Reece marvelled at the sight of Jenny's magnificent breasts. Jenny rose to her feet and slid her bikini bottoms down her legs and pulled them off of her feet. Reece found himself his growing harder and he blushed at the sight of her moist, naked body. He was amazed at the way it glistened in the rays of sunshine which slipped in between the venetians. "So, I take it you like my body?" Jenny raised an eyebrow in reaction to Reece's previously small penis suddenly becoming erect.

Lori hissed under her breath and stuffed her hand between her legs, tightly grasping the crotch of her swimsuit. "Look, Lori, if you need to pee so bad, just go! I don't mind!" Lyndsey told her friend. Lori couldn't refuse, not at this level of desperation. "Thanks!" Lori said sheepishly and raced out of the garage. Lyndsey laughed, sighed, shook her head and returned to her search.

Lori bounded up the stairs and lunged for the door handle. She yanked on it, but the door didn't open. She hammered on the door; no response. "Sandy, I'm gonna kill you!" Lori shouted before turning away and racing back downstairs. On the other side of the door, Sandy lay face down in the bath tun, her bikini bottoms still pulled right down to her ankles. Her eyes stared lifelessly at the interior of the tub, her mouth still open slightly and a puddle of drool forming.

Lori almost tumbled back downstairs and blindly ran outside. It was almost a perfect coincidence, a stroke of luck. The pool was empty, and no one was around. "If you gotta go..." Lori reassured herself as she checkedone last time to see that nobody would interrupt her. But alas, the garden was empty. Lori raced to the side of the pool and nearly ripped the crotch from her swimsuit as she tore at it to pull it away. Lori breathed a heavy sigh of relief as a stream of pee was released, making a light splash as it fell into the pool. As the pee spurted from Lori's hairless vulva, it splashed and sprayed. Lori felt droplets of urine landing on her leg; after spending so long in the cold, the warmth shocked Lori. "Fuck!" Lori swore as she tried to concentrate on directing the flow, biting her lip. Out of nowhere, Robbie's hand covered her mouth and his other arm gripped her by the torso. Robbie easily lifted Lori right off of her feet. Lori began to kick and struggle, reaching back and slapping at Robbie's head. However, it took no effect. At this point, Lori's peeing was spurting everywhere, soaking her legs. Lori tried to scream, but Robbie muffled her cries. Soon her whimpers died down as she slumped in his arms. He released her body and she dropped straight into the pool.

"Fuck yeah..." Reece spoke out the only words which could describe how he was feeling. His face strained as he fought the urge to simply release his load and be done with it. The feeling of the wet lips of Jenny's vagina, clining to his penis. The feeling as she slid up and down on his meat. The feeling of her wet breat in his hand. Merely thinking about them could make Reece weak at the knees. Jenny was not having as much of a good time as Reece was. She didn't even bother trying to conceal her digust when he fondled her buttocks. There was nothing for her; Reece clumsily fumbling her genitalia while he ploughed into her, a thought which did not appeal to nor arouse her. She could barely tell that he had even penetrated her; his penis was simply to small. But then, suddenly, a tingle. The smallest thing, but it was there. Jenny felt it. The tiniest little tingle in her clitoris. "Yeah, c'mon, fuck yeah. Now I'm starting to feel something," she thought. "Now he's actually starting to please me. If he keeps this up, he might actually be able to make me come...Just keep going...C'mon..." "I'm gonna come!" Reece suddenly broke her thoughts, exasperated. "Knew I shouldn't have gotten excited," Jenny thought again. "I'm coming!" Reece nearly bellowed. He had tried to hold it for longer; he had really wanted to please Jenny. But he had failed. Thankfully, for him, he wastoo caught upin the pleasure of the moment to think about it. Jenny lifted herself off of him and lay down next to him. She wrapped his fingers carelessly around his manhood and stroked it for mere seconds before Reece let out a whimper. Jenny simply couldn't muster the energy to hide the look of disgust on her face as his semen dripped over her hand.

"I gotta pee..." Jenny stared at Reece in disbelief. Jenny had been in similar situations before. She'd been with several guys who had suffered a premature departure. But at least they had said sorry, apologized for disappointing her. Of course, she never forgave them; they got all the pleasure while she still had to do most of the work and got none of it. More than most of the men she had slept with (which was alot) had been able to please her, to actually bring her to the point of orgasm. She longed for a man who could really make her feel his passion, who could last longer, and who could please her in every possible sexual way. But now Reece didn't even acknowledge his own "accident," he simply declared that needed to pee. And that, as the saying goes, was the straw which broke the camel's back. 

Jenny pullled her door open, shoved the completely naked Reece out, and slammed it shut behind him. It all happened so quickly that it didn't even register with him what had happened. He shrugged it off and shuffled idly down the hallway towards the bathroom. And once again, the next thing that happened occurred so quickly that Reece couldn't even react. Robbie emerged from the bedroom next to him, grabbed Reece, and pulled him inside.

"Fine then! Fuck him! I've pleasured myself for years. I always get off by myself. I don't need him. I'll do it myself!" Jenny said angrily to herself. Returning to her bed side, she lifted the matress and pulled out her laptop. She quickly punched in her password and brought up a new Internet window. Redirected to Google, she guided the mouse to the adress bar and clicked into it. Turning her attention now to the keyboard, she typed in "TopGirl" and hit enter before sitting back and waiting for it to load. Soon enough, she was on the front page of a filfthy hardcore porn site; the idea of it was enough to arouse her. She took a look at the various categories available and finally settled on amateur. Searching through thumbnails, she found an image of a cute blonde haired boy and a red headed girl and decided that she would go with it.

After clicking on the video, Jenny turned the volume all the way up on both the clip and the laptop itself. As the video began to play, Jenny lay back down on the towel and spread her legs apart. The boy in the video started moaning as the girl performed oral sex on him. Jenny's hand found it's way down to her crotch and began to gently stroke herself. The boy's moans grew louder and the girl laughed. The clip faded into the next shot, with the young amateur couple getting down to it on a bed. The girl began to moan with pleasure. Jenny's hand got faster and she let out a slight moan herself. Suddenly, there was a creak outside the door.