Tamara was Tiffany's daughter and Amanda's younger sister. She appeared in The Sleepover Massacre.


Tamara was the youngest of Tiffany's children and her second daughter.

When she was young, Tamara's older sister Amanda looked at Tamara's Internet search history and learned that she had been watching porn. Amanda confronted Tamara with this information, and Tamara promised not to do it again.

Shortly thereafter, Amanda was charged with looking after Tamara when she came home from school, as her mother and her brother Matt were out for the day. However, Tamara did not come home. Amanda went to look for her and found her in the back of a local convenience store. Here, Tamara was about to perform fellatio on a boy from her school. Amanda chased them off and took Tamara home.

While they were home alone, Amanda went to take a shower while Tamara sat in her bedroom. Amanda came in and removed her towel, showing Tamara her naked body. Amanda then pulled Tamara's underwear down and began to masturbate her. While doing so, Amanda explained that if she caught Tamra doing anything with any boys again, she would kill her. Tamara agreed not to do anything, before experiencing her first orgasm. (These scenes only occurred in deleted scenes and did not make the final cut)

One night, Amanda was on her way to bed when she saw Tiffany and Matt having sex in Tiffany's bedroom. Amanda was finally pushed over the edge and she set fire to the house, killing Tamara in the process.