Slasher 3: Slashers Together is the upcoming second sequel in the Slasher (film series).


Slasher 3 begins with a boy named Johnny entering a shed, only to be locked in by an unknown person. A gruesome mask is then pressed against the window. Johnny picks up a nearby stool to defend himself, but he drops it when a masked attacker charges at him and knocks him down. He is then stabbed to death offscreen.

We are then introduced to Naoise and Amy, who are playing swingball. Naoise accuses Amy of only being her friend to make use of the various facilities in her house (eg, swingball), leading to an arguement which ends with Amy storming off. The killer then strikes the swingball so hard that it knocks Naoise out. The killer then proceeds to stab Naoise to death.

Another girl, Katie, finds Naoise dead and is then choked to death by another killer. Meanwhile, Amy encounters the killer and mistakes them for Johnny. They begin to make out, but the killer slits Amy's throat with their razor glove. We then see Amy lying dead in a house, sitting next to her are Kenzie and Martha, who reveal that they were the killers. Realising that everyone is dead, the two attack each other, but Kenzie gains the upper hand and smothers Martha to death with a cusion. Kenzie, the only remaining character, takes a shotgun and commits suicide.


The film will be remade as Slasher 3: The Rage.

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