Slasher is a film series which began on HappyTreeThousand147. Each film of the series is unconnected.


The shortest film in the series, this 2007 slasher claims that it was 'so shocking that it was banned in Denmark.'

The film features two people sitting in a garden when the killer appears and murders them. A third character finds the bodies and is then murdered.

Slasher: The SleepoverEdit

In the first sequel, a group of girls (Laura, Lynn and Beth) are having a slumber party when a mysterious girl knocks at the door and inquires about two girls that they do not know. Later, the girl breaks into the house and kills Lynn, Beth and Laura's boyfriend Bobby, before she is killed in a final struggle with Laura.

Slasher 3: Slashers TogetherEdit

In this upcoming final entry, two unknown murderers kill off a group of girls before they are revealed as two other girls, who then double-cross and kill each other.

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