Slasher: The Sleepover (Extended script) is a 'screenplay' that the writed hopes will soon be filmed. It expands upon the earlier film Slasher: The Sleepover, explaining many plot points.

Summary of additionsEdit

This is list of all the points that the script expands on:

  • Opening: The girls would be shown planning and discussing the slumber party before it happens. It would also show that they were snobby towards the killer.
  • Killer's motives: This would explain that the people who the killer was looking for were her sisters who died in a house fire many years ago, and in Laura's house.
  • Beth vs Laura/BethxJosh: Beth and Laura would be enemies, and after a row, Beth would sleep with Laura's boyfriend Josh.
  • Beth and Josh's deaths: After they have sex, Josh would go back downstairs to get a beer and get stabbed, while Beth would be killed upstairs. This is when the killer would cut the power.
  • Lynn's death: It would be more clear that her throat had been cut.
  • The final battle would be more brutal, with hair pulling and face scratching.
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