Slasher: The Sleepover is the second entry in the Slasher (film series).


Laura, Lynn and Beth are staying over at Laura's house. While they gossip about relationships and school, there is a knock at the door. Beth answers it to find a strange girl who she does not recognize. The girl asks for a 'Tiffany', but the girls reply that they do not know of any Tiffany. She returns a few minutes later, this time looking a 'Tamber'. Again, the girls do not know a Tamber.

The girls continue their discussion of everyday teenage life when the lights go out. Laura retrieves a flashlight and finds that someone has tampered with the fusebox and cannot repair it. She does not notice that a knife that was lying on the countertop has since disapeared. When Laura returns, she and Lynn find that Beth has vanished. While the girls talk about their fear of the dark, Laura's girlfriend Bobby arrives and attemptes to grope her, but she knocks him to the floor. He goes to the kitchen to get a beer, only to find that there is no beer in the fridge, not noticing the girl from earlier standing behind him.

The girls hear another knock and open the door to find Bobby dead with a knife in his back. Horrified, the girls retreat upstairs, but Laura but go to the bathroom. Upon her return, Lynn is dead and girl appears, trying to stab Laura. Laura knocks her out with her torch and then hides in the closet. The killer regains conciousness and pulls Laura out of the closet. Laura strikes her across the face and retrieves her knife. The killer gets back up, but Laura plunges the knife into her stomach, killing her.

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