Mountain Top Battle is a two-episode film series set in a mythological world.


The films follow the saga of Mewey, a powerful warrior who climbs a mountain to confont two evil villains which live there. The trio fight, and Mewey is victorious.

In the second film, Mewey's son Augustus climbs the same mountain to proclaim himself the greatest warrior known to man. His two enemies, Yzma and her cousin Gaston, follow him and evoke another brutal fight, before Augustus emerges the victor.


Mewey-The greatest warrior of all-time.

Augustus-Mewey's son, destined to follow in his father's footsteps to greatness.

Gaston-A Titan who wishes to take Augustus' crown. He was ripped in half by Augustus.

Yzma-Gaston's scheming cousin who wants to kill Augustus. She died when Augustus crushed her in a bearhug.

'Stupid warrior'-Not officially named. Killed by Mewey's lightning bolt.

'Runner-up'-Same as above. Neck torn open.