Lauren was a teenage girl and Jamie's girlfriend. She the first victim of The Beach Party Massacre.


Lauren was a promiscuous teenage girl who was born to a well respected community family. Her exploits earned her a reputation as bering promiscuous, causing tension between her and her family. The latest part of her supposed rebellion was becoming the boyfriend of "bad boy" Jamie.


One night, Lauren and Jamie ran down to the local beach. Lauren stripped naked and convinced Jamie to do the same. They then ran into the sea to go skinny dipping. Afterwards, they returned to the beach and lay down on a towel to have sex.

After they were done having sex, Jamie announced that he had to pee and left Lauren alone. As she lay on the towel, the killer snuck up behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Lauren mistook him for Jamie, and asked him if he was up for round two. The killer then used a razor to cut her throat.

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