The Evil House series is a series consisting of three films and and an upcoming conclusion. Each 'Evil House' film is unconnected to one another, bar Return to Evil House and Escape from Evil House.

Evil in this HouseEdit

In the first film, a family moves into a new house and die one by one. The film is actually unfinished.

Return to Evil HouseEdit

Two people are kidnapped by the mysterious Puzzle Master, who has given them amnesia. The two attempt to escape. Like the previous film, this is unfinished.

Escape from Evil HouseEdit

Unreleased film which is a direct sequel to Return to Evil House.

Horror of Evil HouseEdit

In the fourth and final film, two bank robbers hide in the Evil House, not knowing that there are two cannibals living there. In the end, the younger cannibal kills both the bank robbers.

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