Dr Vance was a child psychologist who took Amanda's case. He appeared in The Sleepover Massacre.


On the suggestion of Amanda's school principal, Tiffany took her to see Vance. Vance assessed her and found that she was a psychopath.

Later, after Amanda set her house on fire and killed her family, the police approached Vance to find out what he had learned about Amanda's psyche.

Vance brought Amanda into his office in his home and told her that if he got rid of the file he had on her, she would get off scott free. However, she must repay him with sexual favours. Amanda agreed and Vance lied to the police, saving Amanda from imprisonment.

Vance and Amanda began an illicit sexual affair, much like the one Amanda's mother had with her brother Matt. Vance often failed to bring Amanda to orgasm.

One night, Amanda decided she had had enough and stabbed Vance in the neck, killing him and ending the affair.