Allie was a teenage girl. Her suicide set in motion the events of Slasher 3: The Rage.

The RageEdit

One night, the group invited Allie to join them in drinking under the local pier. Although was not a drinker, she was desperate to have friends so she came along.

On that fateful night, the rest of the gang got quickly drunk. The conversation turned to sex and both James and Johnny began to harass Allie. Feeling uncomfortable, she asked them to stop, but James began to grope her breast. Prompted by the girls, Johnny began to pull her jeans down. Allie realised what was happening and begged them not to, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

Soon, Allie was stripped to her underwear, which was also quickly removed. Johnny mounted her and began to rape, learning in the process that she was a virgin. Allie cried and screamed, but the others could only laugh. Then, James also began to rape her. Th girls responded by mocking the crying girl and flashing their own breasts. Amy even went as far as to lick Allie's nipple.